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Testing Capabilities

ANSI/BIFMA Furniture Testing


-X5.1 General Purpose Office Chair - Tests

-X5.4 Lounge Seating Tests

-X5.5 Desk/Table Products Tests

-X5.6 Panel Systems - Tests

-X5.9 Storage Units - Tests

-X5.11 Large Occupant Office Chairs - Tests

-X6.1 Educational Seating - Tests

-S6.5 Small/Office/Home Office

Vibration Testing


-Sine Vibration Testing

-Random Vibration Testing

-Shock Testing

-Sub-Ambient Elevated Temperatures

-40C to 150 C

Sound/Acoustics Testing


-Sound Testing (dB A-B-C-D)

-Vibration & Sound Testing (BSR & NVH)

-Sound Quality Testing (Zwicker Loudness)

Environmental Simulation


-Temperature Testing (-40C to 250C)

-Humidity Testing (15 to 95% RH)

-Environmental Cycling (-40C to 250C)

-Rapid Temperature Change (-40C to 177C)

Life Cycle Testing

Life Cycle Testing.png

-Temperature/Humidity Cycle Testing

-Load, Position & Displacement

-Voltage Powered Cycle Testing

-Data Acquisition

Force Testing

Force Testing 1.jpg

-Tensile (0-3,000 lbf)

-Compression (0-3,000 lbf)

-Force vs. Displacement vs. Time

-Custom Testing & Fixturing.

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